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Resume writing tips from certified resume writers and personal branding professionals
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    Having trouble writing your resume? Not sure how to begin? The answer often lies in the fogginess of your objectives. If you aren’t sure of which jobs you want to target with your resume, it can easily become an exercise in listing everything you have ever Read more...

    The post How to Bring Your Resume into Focus appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    September is International Update Your Resume Month! Whether you are passively job seeking, open to new opportunities, or unemployed and raring to secure a new position, it is time to polish and revamp your resume to ensure success in today’s job market. ATS Maybe you’ve heard Read more...

    The post 3 Tips to Help You Update Your Resume Quickly appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    Your resume has approximately six seconds to impress an employer enough to warrant a more thorough read through. It can seem daunting to give them the right information to secure their attention but it doesn’t have to be. This infographic shares some great tips to give Read more...

    The post How to Optimize Your Resume for the Recruiter appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    Ideally, everything you include on your resume should fall under the category of relevant, important information that will speak to the positions you are targeting. But how do you guide the reader to the key details that they need to see in order to take a Read more...

    The post How to Draw Attention to Key Information on Your Resume appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    Be Clear-Cut and Specific We live in a time where specialization is demanded. If you have a heart problem you go to a cardiologist, for example, instead of a general physician. Have you even seen a job description that read: “We’re looking for a jack of Read more...

    The post 5 Quick Tips to Freshen Up Your Resume for 2018 appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    One of the top concerns of jobseekers in 2018 is this vague, impersonal, robotic smoke-monster known as the Applicant Tracking System. For those who have not heard tell—whilst sitting around the campfire—of ATS, it is a software in use by 97% of large companies and 80% Read more...

    The post Having Nightmares About Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)? Here’s What Will Fix That. appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    While it is increasingly normal for people to have many jobs over the course of their careers, there is still a stigma attached to “job hopping.” Prospective employers may infer that you are not a loyal employee, or that you are difficult to work with. But Read more...

    The post 4 Tips to Downplay the Appearance of Job Hopping on Your Resume appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    You may have heard about value propositions in the business and marketing world. It’s a clear statement that a company uses to convey why you should buy their product or service. Value proposition statements aren’t exclusive to the business world, though. Creating a clear and concise value proposition for yourself can help you to better […]

    The post A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating A Value Proposition Statement for Your Resume. (Hint: They’re Wildly Successful at Getting More Interviews) appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    Organizations are seeking top candidates who are a good “culture fit.” As a job seeker, to find a position and a company that you’re going to love and thrive in, you have to do your own vetting. When you identify the organizations you’re most interested in, it’s time to figure out how to tell your […]

    The post 5 Tips for Injecting Culture Fit into Your Resume and Cover Letter appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    Ready for the next step in your career? Whether you are seeking an internal promotion or external career advancement opportunities, your resume will be an important indicator of your ability to excel at the next level. It might be the only chance you have to convey the achievements and qualifications that make you a great […]

    The post How to Write A Resume for Career Advancement and Promotion appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    Qualified candidate shortages are leaving employers with vacancies that need to be filled and the question of how to fill them. Meanwhile, job seekers are filled with enthusiasm over the choices and opportunities available. With more than 74%+ of people open to new opportunities in 2018, you’re probably taking a good look at your resume […]

    The post 3 Tips to Freshen Up Your Resume in 2018 appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    After a very successful career consulting for Fortune 500 clients on a wide variety of projects, Mike faced a different sort of challenge: how to condense his experience into a resume that reflected the depth and breadth of his consulting work. He struggled to share his accomplishments in a way that generated employer interest while […]

    The post Resume Tips for Consultants Transitioning into a Corporate Role appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    There is perhaps more turnover in political jobs than in almost any other professional sector. If you work in politics, you might leave a job by choice to take on a better opportunity, or just a different opportunity. You might jump from a campaign staffer position to a legislative staffer position, or from a policy […]

    The post Three Tips to Strengthen Your Political Resume appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    Writing your resume can be difficult. After all, you’re writing about yourself, and that’s hard for anyone to do! You’re too close to your career to write objectively. While you might know all the facts, it can be tough to put them in a format and in the right words that convey what you want […]

    The post Questions You Should Ask Yourself to Write the Best Resume Possible appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    Have you ever put together a resume you felt was pretty impressive but never got a response from the potential employer? Or worse, you received an electronic rejection letter? Well it might just be that the response you received was from a machine rather than a person. Artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated every aspect of […]

    The post Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting -Tips for Preparing a Resume for AI and Humans appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    It’s such a great time to advance your career! Not only is a new year exciting but walking into a new year in a candidate-driven market when there are more open jobs than workers available to fill them is almost too good to be true. Even when the market is favoring your desire to advance […]

    The post 12 Resume Writing Tips for 2019 appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.

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    Ever wish you had a comprehensive resource for resume writing tips? How about one broken down into each individual resume section? Even better, right? Based on our popular comprehensive resume writing tips article we developed this infographic which offers resume tips for each section of your resume – from your name down to the education […]

    The post [Infographic]127 Resume Writing Tips appeared first on Blog | Great Resumes Fast.